Y100 Universal Holley Downdraft Carburetor


New Holley 1904 type replacement carburetor

  • New, not rebuilt
  • Replaces factory Holley 1904 and 1908 carburetors directly in most applications
  • Fits many other 1 barrel applications including industrial
  • Fully adjustable main jet
  • Suitable for multi-carb manifolds



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  • Universal linkage arm rotates 180 degrees
  • Fits standard 1 barrel carb flanges
  • Uses clamp-on air or wing nut air cleaner – adapter supplied
  • Compact design matches Holley 1904/1908 carburetors used on Ford and IHC applications
  • Includes inline fuel filter, flange gasket, instructions
  • 2-11/16″ to 2-15/16″ mounting bolt centers (slotted flange)
  • 4.5″ tall
  • 1.5″ throttle bore
  • made form modern zinc alloy and aluminum castings
  • ethanol resistant

The Y100 Holley 1904 style replaces most 1 barrel downdraft carburetors on 4 and 6 cylinder applications over 140 CID.

This carburetor can be used as a replacement for Holley 1904 and 1908 carburetors on Ford, Mercury, Ford Truck, AMC and IHC applications where a manual choke carburetor is required. Can also be used to replace Autolite 1100 and Carter AS carburetors on 6 cylinder Fords such as early Mustangs, Falcons etc.

Replaces many industrial carburetors from 140 CID to 300 CID where a downdraft unit with a low profile air cleaner is used. The main jet is fully adjustable allowing the carburetor to be used on a wide range of applications.

Ethanol compatible. Replaces Holley 1904 and 1908 carburetors on Ford, Ford Truck, Mercury and AMC applications, as well as most 1 barrel applications where a low profile carburetor is required. Suitable for industrial applcations. Features fully adjustable main jet.

The carburetor can be used on many other vehicles and machines with little or no modification.


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