carburetor evolution

How do carburetors work?

Types of Carburetors

Although there are many variations in construction and design, there are basically three types of carburetors: downdraft, updraft and side-draft. The direction of the air flow at the carburetor outlet to the manifold flange determines the classification.

Fig 13 Three basic types of carburetors


A single barrel carburetor has one outlet to the intake manifold. It incorporates features to take care of engine requirements for all operating conditions. It usually consists of an air intake, fuel chamber and a throttle body assembly.

Fig 14 Single barrel carburetor

Styles of Carburetors


This type includes two barrels, or throats, within a single carburetor unit. While it is generally considered as two carburetors built into one, some of the systems are common to both barrels.

Fig 15 Two barrel carburetor


This type usually consists of four barrels within a single carburetor unit. Some of the systems may be common to all barrels. Half of the carburetor operates as a two barrel during light load and cruising speeds. The second half is supplemental for top speed and full throttle operation.

Fig 16 Multiple barrel carburetor
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