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Marvel-Schebler TSX 785 carburetor
Original Marvel-Schebler TSX

Zenith Replacement Carburetors for Marvel-Schebler TSX

You can find  replacement carburetors for most Marvel-Schebler TSX carburetors in our TSX Replacement Guide.

Zenith carburetors are made in Virginia by Zenith Fuel Systems. These have been built in America for more than a hundred years and are manufactured to the highest quality standards, bar none.

Marvel-Schebler TSX Replacement Guide 

Marvel-Schebler TSX 785 carburetor
New Zenith Model 33

New Zenith Carburetors

We carry the full line of new USA-made Zenith carburetors for industrial and agricultural applications.

To find a replacement for your older, obsolete Zenith carburetor, we have a Zenith Replacement Carburetor Guide.

We also have a line of replacement carburetos for most 1 bbl updraft and downdraft applications.  

Zenith Replacement Carburetor Guide

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